Tuesday, 9 February 2016

About Me

Madam L'Arabe specialises in stylish, modest, elegant and fashionable clothing and accessories. My goal is to attract woman to Hijaab without sacrificing their modesty! .

There is a frequent misconception that if clothing is described as modest, it is boring, outdated, and lacking personal style. I respectfully disagree!

Raising hems and lowering neck lines may constitute a large part of what fashion is today, but for every revealing look that exists there is a covered up, stylish alternative.

Madam L'Arabe recognises the desire of women to dress sophisticated and beautiful whilst still being covered!

The name Madam L'Arabe™ means "Lady of Arabia" hence most of our items are middle eastern inspired!

"If an item is approved by Madam L'Arabe™ then you know its an item definitely worth having!". (Fathima , Designer of Zafira Couture)

Vous savez que vous m'aimez...xoxo

(Owner and Founder of Madam L'Arabe)

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