The latest range by HAYAAT™ brand...
Our new range is what you have been waiting to wear this summer. 
With its elegant style, comfortable fit and modest appearance, Your summer vacation will never be the same. 
Don't be seen without a HAYAAT™ label.

Modesty, Beauty  & Life come to mind!

A HAYAAT THOBE is a Must for every occasion and an Absolute Luxury for everyday.                 
Exclusive, Elegant and Modest Thobes , not to mention superb workmanship & textiles!      
• With an AFFORDABLE price tag,
• Added bonus of getting any style customized for kids to match dads  ,          
• Orders take between 3-5 weeks,
• Prices for Boys & Youth are standard with
   all styles

Please note:
The actual product may differ slightly from the images displayed. 
Orders may be closed earlier than the closing date.
Hayaat will not be held liable for any loss or damage to the product. Sizes over 58 and Large Will be an additional R100.

View pictures and price list below and Contact us now to place your order! 0716399786

 Price-list :
Baby  : size 0-18 months (R450)
Boys  : size 20-40 (R475)
Youth : size 42-50 (R600)

1)H57 White with mint detail on shoulders    Men   : size 52-62 (R800)
   Shoulder detail available in Grey, Olive or Beige

2)H58 Cream with Beige Knit
   Men   : size 52-62 (R830)

3)H59 White with grey detail on pocket
   Men   : size 52-62 (R800) Short Sleeve
                                  (R850) Long Sleeve

4)H60 White with green and yellow detail
     Men   : size 52-62  
(R800) Short Sleeve
                                     (R850) Long Sleeve

5)H61 White with grey and red detail
     Men   : size 52-62 (R800) Short Sleeve
                                    (R850) Long Sleeve

6)H62  White semi formal with grey detail
     Men   : size 52-62 (R850)

7)H63 White with grey triangle detail on pocket
     Men   : size 52-62 (R800) Short Sleeve
                                    (R850) Long Sleeve

8)H10 White with Royal blue & Yellow -
     Men   : size 52-62 (R900)

9)H51 White with denim shoulder detail -

     Men   : size 52-62 (R800)
10)H56 Light green with grey detail 
     Men   : size 52-62 (R950)

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